Welcome to the Llamajama shop. We are a family owned, fair trade business devoted to bringing you the finest hand knitted wool clothes for children, men, and women, wool yarns and wool care products for your family. 

For babies and children we have adorable hand knit wool jumpers, wool sweaters, and of course lots and lots of in stock wool longies shorties and wool soakers. We also have adorable wool hats, mittens and wool Pea Coats to keep your little ones warm this winter.

This fall we will help keep YOU warm by offering a selection of hand knit wool sweaters for men and women. We also have a selection of wool hats and mittens that are great for adults. These beautiful hand knit woolies will make great gifts or self purchases.

Llamajama is located in the US and are happy to ship anywhere in the world. We regularly ship Llamajama wool sweaters, wool hats, wool slippers, wool mittens, wool blankets, and wool pea coats to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and beyond. Your package will ship quickly and arrive safely.

If you are looking for children's hand knit wool longies, wool soakers, wool sweaters, hand knit wool baby blankets, wool slippers, you have come to the right place. Mother's all over the world have come to trust the Llamajama brand for their babies winter wool wardrobe.

Wool sweaters and hats for men

Llamajama hand knit wool sweaters will get a man noticed! Our men's wool sweaters are designed to keep you warm while looking very stylish around the office, on the ski slope or on Saturday errands. We also have hand knit men's wool hats which are terrific ski caps, skull caps, or just plain old keep your man's head warm wool hats! For keeping warm around the office, our Llamajama hand knit wool v-neck sweater or v-neck vest looks great with a shirt and tie. We have two kinds of men's vests, our button waist coat or the v-neck slipover - also known as a pullover vest. Our men's vests look smashing under a sport coat or worn alone with a button down shirt and tie. We also have more casual mens sweaters designed to be worn on the weekends or on more casual occasions. Our weekender sweater is a classic men's roll neck sweater, it is casual, rugged and very handsome. This classic alpaca merino wool sweater is the one you will reach for when you take the dog for a walk or to get the morning paper and won't take it off all day. Our half button henley sweater is perfect for sporting events or casual outings when it's chilly. 

If you would like to knit your own wool longies you can use our merino wool yarn or our alpaca merino blend yarn. Those are the very same yarns we use to create our wool longies.